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Steven G. Allen Economics Labor Economics Macroeconomics Labor/Labor Unions
Afsaneh Rabiei Thin Film Materials
John Balaban Poetry
Jayant Baliga Electrical Engineering Microelectronics
Roger L. Barker Fiber and Fabric Formation
Morton Barlaz Waste Management
Ronald Baynes Pharmacology
Mark S. Beasley Accounting Auditing Risk Management
Ted E. Bilderback Horticultural Science
Jason C. Bivins Religion Religion and Culture Religious Studies Sociology of Religion
Anthony Blikslager Animal Groups Biological Sciences Dentistry and General Surgery Surgery/Urology
William A. Boettcher American Government International Relations
Robert C. Borden Stormwater Management
Blake Brown Agricultural Economics
Wayne Buhler Pest Management/Pesticides
JoAnn M. Burkholder Botany
Ruben G. Carbonell Biopharmaceuticals
Mo-Yuen Chow Microelectronics
Robert Clark Economics Finance
Bill Cline Crops Diseases
W. Gregory Cope Toxicology
Chandra Cox Art and Design
Nancy Creamer Crop Science Horticultural Science Organic Farming
W.James Croom Jr. Poultry Science
Frederick W. Cubbage Environmental Policy Forest Economics and Policy
Dennis M. Daley Human Resources Public Policy Public Administration
David A. Danehower Crop Science Pest Management/Pesticides
Margaret E. Daub Diseases Genetics
Jeanine M Davis Organic Farming Vegetable Crops
Ralph Dean Crops Diseases Genetics
Joel J. Ducoste Wastewater Treatment
Jim Dunphy Crops
Lee-Ann Jaykus pathogenic microorganisms
Charlotte E. Farin Animal Science Genetics
Gina Fernandez Crops
Pat FitzGerald Animation Computer-Aided Design
Paul D. Franzon Electrical Engineering Engineering
Mohammed A. Gabr Waste Management
Victoria J. Gallagher Cross-Cultural Communication Gender Communication
Jan Genzer Thin Film Materials
John Godwin Fisheries
Major M. Goodman Crop Science Genetics
Fred Gould Genetics Insects
Denis Gray Science and Technology
David Patrick Green Fisheries Food Science
Clifford Griffin American Government International Relations
Fred P. Hain Forest Ecosystems Pest Management/Pesticides
Robert B. Handfield Accounting Supply Chain/Operations Management
Craig A. Harms Animal Groups
Mary Elizabeth Haskett Family Psychology Homelessness
Hosni M. Hassan Food Science Biochemistry Microbiology Toxicology
Thomas M. Hess Memory
George R. Hess Wildlife Forest Ecology
Joseph E. Hightower Fisheries Zoology
L. Eric Hinesley Christmas trees Forest Products
David Hinks Dyeing and Finishing
John Morrison Computer Visualization Marine Sciences
J. Paul Murphy Crop Science
Jonathan R. Schultheis Vegetable Crops
M. Todd See Animal Science
Fredrick H.M. Semazzi Climate Computer Modeling
Greg Hoyt Crops Tobacco Vegetable Crops
Warren Jasper Technology
Christopher Gorman Nanoscale monolayers
Bong-Il Jin Product Design
Michael A. Kanters Recreation Sports Management
Philip H Mitchell Forest Products
Robert M. Kelly Extremophiles
George G. Kennedy Pest Management/Pesticides
Suzanne Kennedy-Stoskopf Animal Groups
John Kessel NC State Authors/Poets Science Fiction
Akram Khater Modern Middle East History
Y. Richard Kim Pavement
Gerald A. LeBlanc Toxicology
James Lester Artificial Intelligence Computer Science
James Martin Amorphous Materials
Jay Levine Population Medicine and Epidemiology
Gregory A. Lewbart Animal Groups
David Lindbo Soil Science
Krista Domnick College Admissions and Financing
Stephen E. Margolis Economics Markets and Public Policy
E. Stuart Maxwell Biochemistry
Traci Lamar Apparel Design Design
Michael B. McElroy Macroeconomics
Bill Hunt Agricultural Engineering
March L. Krotee Physical Education
Eric Miller Microbiology
Thomas Kenan Miller III Entrepreneurship Computer Science Distance Learning
Christopher Moorman Wildlife Forestry Education and Communication
Maria T. Oliver-Hoyo Chemistry Education
David F. Ollis Water Treatment
Michael J. Struett International Relations
Mehmet C. Ozturk Computer Science
Michael L. Parker Crops
Gary A. Payne Crop Science
Fay Cobb Payton Technology Management Computers Information technology Health Care Data management User experience STEM education Social Media Inclusion/diversity Tech workforce Tech bias Broadening participation STEM and arts
Charles H. Peacock Lawns/Turfgrass
Douglas K. Pearce Economics Monetary Issues and Policy Public Policy
Robert M. Petters Animal Science
E. Barclay Poling Crops
Behnam Pourdeyhimi Fiber and Fabric Formation
Ranji S. Ranjithan Waste Management
Thomas G. Ranney Horticultural Science
Michael A. Rappa Advanced Analytics
Douglas S. Reeves Computer Science Networking
Mitch Renkow Agricultural Economics Economic Development Taxes
Francis de los Reyes Microbiology Wastewater Treatment civil engineering sanitation
James A. Rice Fisheries Zoology
Jean Ristaino Crop Science
R. Michael Roe Pest Management/Pesticides
Joseph Roise Forest Management/Silviculture
George N. Rouskas Computer Science Optical Networks
Roby B. Sawyers Accounting Taxes
Anna Bigelow Religion
David R. Tarpy Insects
Coby Schal Insects Pest Management/Pesticides
Jason C.H. Shih Poultry Science
Larry Silverberg Dynamics Physics Unification Astrophysics Controls
R. Wayne Skaggs Agricultural Engineering Irrigation/Water Management Wetlands
W. David Smith Crop Science
Jerry W. Spears Animal Science
Richard J. Spontak Nanoscale Materials Nanotechnology
Michael B. Steer Electrical Engineering
Julia F. Storm Toxicology
Michael K. Stoskopf Diseases Food-Borne Illnesses Animal Groups Population Medicine and Epidemiology
Craig V. Sullivan Aquaculture Fisheries Zoology
Turner B. Sutton Crops Diseases Pest Management/Pesticides
Andrew Taylor American Government
W. Rhett Davis Computers/Microelectronics
William F. Thompson Biotechnology Genetics Botany
Mary Tompkins Diseases Immune Deficiency Viruses
Wayne Tompkins Diseases Immune Deficiency Viruses
Mihail Sichitiu Wireless Networks
Paul J. Turinsky Nuclear Energy
Guido van der Hoeven Agricultural Economics
Louis Martin-Vega Manufacturing
Mike Vepraskas Soil Science Wetlands
Mladen A. Vouk Computer Science
Tomislav Vukina Agricultural Economics
Michael L. Walden Economics Agricultural Economics
Michael G. Waldvogel Insects Pest Management/Pesticides
Steven P. Washburn Animal Science
Thomas R. Wentworth Botany Wildlife Ecosystems
Dennis Werner Horticultural Science
Brian Whipker Horticultural Science
Lon W. Whitlow Animal Science
Walt Wolfram Linguistics
Lian Xie Climate Computer Modeling Marine Sciences Severe Storms/Tornadoes
Craig Yencho Biotechnology Sweet Potatoes
Kelly Zering Agricultural Economics
David A. Zonderman Labor/Labor Unions
James R. Brunet Violence/Crime
Frank J. Louws Plants
Richard Venditti Pulp and Paper Industry Recycling
Tushar K Ghosh Fiber and Fabric Formation
Lance D. Fusarelli Leadership
Peter Hauser protective textiles
Donald Brenner Thin Film Materials
Stefan Franzen Nanoscale Materials Organic Chemistry/Drug Discovery
Christine Grant Solid-Surface Phenomena
Jacqueline Krim Microelectronics Nanotechnology Nanotribology
Jonathan S. Lindsey Molecular Synthesis
Kenneth B. Adler Cell Biology/ Toxicology
Jose M. Alonso Plant Genetics
Jill Barnes Cell Biology
David McK. Bird Genetics Plants
Jacqueline M. Hughes-Oliver Biostatistics Health and Medicine Modeling
Stephen S. Kalland Solar Energy
Aaron C. Clark Mathematics and Science Education
Bonnie Fusarelli Leadership
Kevin Oliver Instructional Technology
Xiangwu Zhang Polymer Science
Russell Gorga Polymer Science Fibers
Richard Kotek Fiber and Fabric Formation Polymer Science
Eileen Taylor Accounting Auditing Finance Ethics Fraud Information technology
Anne McLaughlin Human Information Processing Memory Science and Technology
Jon Bohlmann Marketing Product Development Strategic Marketing Innovation
Karen Hollebrands Mathematics and Science Education
Gail Jones Science Education
Hollylynne Lee Mathematics and Science Education
John Lee Middle Schools
Paul Umbach Higher Education
Audrey Jaeger Higher Education
Ben Chapman Food Science Food Safety Food Processing
Heather Patisaul Endocrine Disruptors
Steven Greene American Government
Tom Birkland Environmental Policy Climate Change American Government
Timothy Stinson English Medieval Literature Renaissance Literature
Elizabeth Nichols Environment Forestry
Jason Bocarro Fitness and Nutrition Recreation
Myron Floyd Fitness and Nutrition Parks and Outdoor Recreation
Jeff Owen Christmas trees
Laurie Williams Cybersecurity
Martin King Fiber and Fabric Formation Polymer Science Fibers
Jon Rust Fiber and Fabric Formation Technology Fibers
Orlin Velev Advanced Materials
Gregory Buckner Surgical Robotics
Steve Kelley Chemistry Pulp and Paper Industry
Hasan Jameel Chemistry Pulp and Paper Industry
Erin Sills Forest Economics and Policy
Ge Sun Water Resources Wetlands
Jonathan Casper Natural Resource Management Parks and Outdoor Recreation Sports Management
David Tilotta Wood Products
Robert Bardon Forest Management/Silviculture
Christopher DePerno Wildlife
Frank Buckless Accounting Finance
Angela Wiseman Elementary Education
Richard Warr Finance Financial Markets Stock Market
Suzie Goodell Obesity
Ed Breitschwerdt Diseases Immune Deficiency Viruses Epidemiology Tick-Borne Diseases
Kelli Ferris Animal Rights Animal Behavior
Margaret Gruen Animal Behavior
Steve Suter Cancer Research Oncology
Matthew Breen Cancer Research Oncology
Korinn Saker General Internal Medicine
Richard A. McLaughlin Water Resources Soil Science
Del Bohnenstiehl Geology
Gary Lackmann Climate Severe Storms/Tornadoes
Jeff Buckel Fisheries
Mike Burchell Water Resources Agricultural Engineering Lawns/Turfgrass Restoration Ecology Wetlands Pollution
Helena Mitasova Computer Modeling Computer Visualization Geology Rivers and Beaches
Stacy Nelson Wetlands Environmental Policy Computer Visualization Natural Resource Management
Ruoying (Roy) He Computer Modeling Computer Visualization Marine Sciences
Michael Escuti Photonics
Dror Baron Computers/Microelectronics
Walter Robinson Climate
Philip Bradford Fiber and Fabric Formation Fibers
Jesse Jur Fiber and Fabric Formation Fibers
Yingjiao Xu Apparel Design Apparel Manufacturing
Gary Beckman Entrepreneurship Arts Studies
Karen Bullock Family Gerontology Social Work
Alyssa Bryant Rockenbach Gender Issues Student Development
Melissa Pasquinelli Nanoscale Materials
Doug Gillan Human Information Processing Memory Science and Technology Workplace Psychology Robotics
Paul Mulvey Human Resources
Ross Meentemeyer Environmental Policy Natural Resource Management
Rodolphe Barrangou Food Science
Jennifer Nolan American Literature
Dana K. Gulling Architectural Design
Traci Rose Rider Universal Design
Tim Buie Animation Product Design
Helen Armstrong Accessible Design Graphic Design UX Design Human-Centered Design User-Sensitive Inclusive Design Machine Learning
Kermit Bailey Graphic Design
Denise Gonzales Crisp Graphic Design
Derek Ham Art and Design Graphic Design Virtual Reality Video Game Design Media Arts Game Design
Deborah Littlejohn Graphic Design
Matthew Peterson Graphic Design
Soolyeon Cho, Ph.D. Architectural Design
Mark Hoversten Landscape Architecture
Hernan Marchant Architectural Design
Russell A. Flinchum, Ph.D. Design History
Fernando Magallanes, ASLA, CELA, PLA Landscape Architecture
Marc E. Russo Art and Design
Jamie Lynn Gilbert Multimedia
Michael Dickey Amorphous Materials Electronic Materials/Semiconductors Chemical Engineering polymer materials Thin Film Materials Robotics Wearable Electronics
Steve McDonald Networking Sociology Work
Ann Ross Forensics Anthropology Forensic Anthropology
Jennifer Kuzma Biotechnology Public Policy Genetic Engineering Public Administration
Greg Reeves Cell Biology Biological Processes Biology
Milad Abolhasani Chemistry Chemical Engineering Microfluidics Nanomanufacturing
Jing Feng Cognitive Science Psychology Human Factors
Lindsey Haynes-Maslow Community Development/Social Change Public Policy Public Health Food Nutrition
Shevaun Neupert Psychology Aging
Jeff Diebold Finance Public Policy Public Administration Public Health Retirement Pensions
Andrew Binder Communication Science Communication
Ryan Hurley Mass Communication Mass Media Communication Health Communication
Sankar Arumugam Water Resources Irrigation/Water Management Climate groundwater management Public Policy Public Administration Hydrology
Veljko Dubljevic Biotechnology Ethics Neuroscience Philosophy
Chris Gunter Vegetable Crops Agriculture Fruit Crops
William Enck Cybersecurity Security Smartphones Mobile Devices
Alessandra Scafuro Computer Science Cryptography
Joe Brazel Accounting Auditing Finance Forensic Accounting Fraud
Joann Keyton Organizational Communication
Rich Holly Arts percussion
Gavin Smith Climate Change Landscape Architecture natural hazards disaster
Alexander (Lex) Kemper
Roland Kays Zoology Forest Ecology evolution
Bradley Reaves
Jessica Hunt Mathematics and Science Education Teacher Education Education Mathematics Elementary Education
Crystal Chen Lee Middle Schools Teacher Education Education Teacher Preparation Reading and Writing
Angie Smith Distance Learning Counseling Education Online Learning
Nils Peterson Fisheries Wildlife Environment Environmental Policy Wildlife Ecosystems Environmental Education
Jordan Kern Water Resources Environment Energy Economics Energy Management Solar Energy
Lincoln Larson Wildlife Wildlife Ecosystems Environmental Education Parks and Outdoor Recreation
Kathryn Stevenson Environment Environmental Education Parks and Outdoor Recreation
Madhusudan Katti Wildlife Ecosystems urban ecology
Andrew Schmidt Accounting Finance Taxes
Bonnie Hancock Finance
Christina Lewellen Accounting Taxes
Ericka Kranitz Auditing Risk Management
James Scalise Finance Supply Chain/Operations Management Information technology Risk Management Analytics
Jennie Dirienzo Accounting Taxes
Marianne Bradford Accounting
Nathan C. Goldman Accounting Taxes
Robert Whited Accounting Auditing Finance Financial Markets
Scott Showalter Accounting Auditing
Thomas Dow Accounting Finance Analytics
Bill Rand Marketing Computer Modeling Modeling Social Media Machine Learning
Don Warsing Supply Chain/Operations Management Manufacturing
Eda Kemahlioglu-Ziya Supply Chain/Operations Management Sustainable Business
Heather Dretsch Marketing Advertising Branding
Jeffrey Stonebraker Supply Chain/Operations Management Epidemiology
Julie Earp Privacy Cybersecurity Security Information technology
Melissa Hart Finance
Patrice Nealon Marketing Social Media Analytics
Rakesh Ravi Data management Analytics Machine Learning
Rishika Rishika Marketing Food Social Media Analytics
Sarah Khan Technology Management Business Information technology Data management Analytics
Sebastian Heese Supply Chain/Operations Management
Sherry Fowler Information technology Data management Social Media Analytics
Srini Krishnamurthy Finance Stock Market
Stacy Wood Marketing Technology Health Communication Health Care Innovation
Steven DelGrosso
Tim Kraft Supply Chain/Operations Management Sustainability
Tom Byrnes Marketing Branding
Brad Kirkman Organizational Communication Leadership
Ira Weiss
Jeffrey Pollack Entrepreneurship
Jessica Yinka Thomas Sustainability Sustainable Business Innovation B Corps
John Kuzenski Business Political Science
Jon Carr Entrepreneurship Business Innovation
Leigh Shamblin Marketing Artificial Intelligence Leadership Ethics Innovation
Lewis Sheats Entrepreneurship
Missy Makanui Leadership
Patrick Flynn Human Resources
Steve Barr Entrepreneurship Technology Management Innovation
Allison Lowe Reed Economics Public Policy Microeconomics
Bobby Puryear Human Resources Labor Economics
Mehmet Caner Economics Finance Data management Machine Learning
Paul Cwik Economics Economic History Monetary Issues and Policy Business
Umut Dur Economics
Tayah Butler Business Inclusion/diversity
Brian Newton Human Resources
Jenny R. Hammond Marketing Higher Education Communication
Jackie Eunjung Relyea Elementary Education Reading and Writing
Anna Egalite Education School Choice
Justin Whitehill Forest Biology and Biotechnology Forest Genetics and Propagation Christmas trees Forest Genomics Forest Health
Adriana de Souza e Silva Communication Mobile Devices Gaming
Joy Gaston Gayles Higher Education Inclusion/diversity
Fikret Isik Forest Genetics and Propagation Plant Genetics Forest Genomics
Delisia Matthews Apparel Design Textile Marketing
Steve McKeand Forest Genetics and Propagation
Bryan Ormond Polymer Science protective textiles Industrial Hygiene Textile Dyeing and Finishing
Byoungho Ellie Jin Fashion Retail
Michael G Kay
Hong Wan
Rohan Shirwaiker
Binil Starly
Chang S. (CS) Nam
Shu-Cherng Fang
Julie Swann Health & Medicine Engineering Health Care
Maria Mayorga
Sara Shashaani
Ola Harrysson
Leila Hajibabai
Xiaolei Fang
Karen Chen
Paul Isom Media Criticism Journalism Communication Social Media
George List Engineering Modeling civil engineering
Steve Marks Animal Science
Tara Harrison
Christopher Crosbie English Theatre/Drama/Film English Literature
Srijan Sengupta
Tania Allen
Thomas Barrie Architectural Design Design
Bryan Bell
Kofi Boone
Meg Calkins
Carla Delcambre
Burak Erdim
Andrew Fox Community Development Community Development, Design and Preservation
Jarrett Fuller
Carolina Gill
Kate Greder
Justin Johnson Computer Visualization Art and Design Virtual Reality
Sharon Jones
Rosa McDonald
Donghwan Moon
Patricia Morgado
Lesley-Ann Noel
David Oh
Iyare Oronsaye
Shawn Protz
Sara Queen
Kristen Schaffer
Kelly Umstead
Kathryn Wozniak
Jeffrey Dorfman Agricultural Economics Economic Development Food