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Paul Isom

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Paul Isom teaches journalism at N.C. State University. He began his career at The Fifth Avenue Times, his third-grade newspaper. Since then, he has has covered news, sports and features as a daily newspaper reporter as well as worked on design and copy desks and as a features editor. He teaches writing, reporting and editing courses, instructing students how to write a killer lede and punctuate a compound modifier as well as how to be literate consumers of information and avoid being taken in by fake news. Isom has also advised student newspapers, yearbooks, magazines, and radio and television stations at five institutions in Louisiana, North Carolina and Alabama. His journalism textbook, "Consider the Source: A Media Literacy Handbook for Writers, Editors and Citizens" was published in 2021. Subjects of interest: Journalism; media literacy; opinion and bias; editing; reporting; search engine optimization; student newspaper, yearbook, radio operations

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