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Ross Meentemeyer

professor of forestry and environmental resources

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P: 919.513.2372

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GIScience & geospatial analytics; environmental remote sensing; spatio-temporal modeling and simulation; human-environment interaction; biological invasions and disease ecology; landscape ecology. Director of the Center for Geospatial Analytics and a Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program professor. Applies tools from geospatial analytics to understand and communicate the vital roles that place, spatial interaction, and perspectives of scale play in models of environmental change and decision-making. Research projects include the application of dynamic epidemiological models to know when, where and how to collectively manage the spread of emerging forest disease in heterogeneous landscapes, and simulating alternative futures of land-use change to explore trade-offs in the provisioning of ecosystem services in rapidly urbanizing regions. President of the US-International Association of Landscape Ecology (2016-18).

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