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College of Engineering

Experts  Subjects
Afsaneh Rabiei Thin Film Materials
Jayant Baliga Electrical Engineering Microelectronics
Morton Barlaz Waste Management
Robert C. Borden Stormwater Management
Ruben G. Carbonell Biopharmaceuticals
Mo-Yuen Chow Microelectronics
Joel J. Ducoste Wastewater Treatment
Paul D. Franzon Electrical Engineering Engineering
Mohammed A. Gabr Waste Management
Jan Genzer Thin Film Materials
John Morrison Computer Visualization Marine Sciences
Fredrick H.M. Semazzi Climate Computer Modeling
Robert M. Kelly Extremophiles
Y. Richard Kim Pavement
James Lester Artificial Intelligence Computer Science
Bill Hunt Agricultural Engineering
Thomas Kenan Miller III Entrepreneurship Computer Science Distance Learning
David F. Ollis Water Treatment
Mehmet C. Ozturk Computer Science
Ranji S. Ranjithan Waste Management
Michael A. Rappa Advanced Analytics
Douglas S. Reeves Computer Science Networking
Francis de los Reyes Microbiology Wastewater Treatment civil engineering sanitation
George N. Rouskas Computer Science Optical Networks
Larry Silverberg Electrodynamics
R. Wayne Skaggs Agricultural Engineering Irrigation/Water Management Wetlands
Richard J. Spontak Nanoscale Materials Nanotechnology
Michael B. Steer Electrical Engineering
W. Rhett Davis Computers/Microelectronics
Mihail Sichitiu Wireless Networks
Paul J. Turinsky Nuclear Energy
Louis Martin-Vega Manufacturing
Mladen A. Vouk Computer Science
Donald Brenner Thin Film Materials
Christine Grant Solid-Surface Phenomena
Stephen S. Kalland Solar Energy
Laurie Williams Cybersecurity
Orlin Velev Advanced Materials
Gregory Buckner Surgical Robotics
Mike Burchell Water Resources Agricultural Engineering Lawns/Turfgrass Restoration Ecology Wetlands Pollution
Michael Escuti Photonics
Dror Baron Computers/Microelectronics
Milad Abolhasani Chemistry Chemical Engineering Microfluidics Nanomanufacturing
Bradley Reaves
Michael G Kay
Hong Wan
Binil Starly
Chang S. (CS) Nam
Shu-Cherng Fang
Julie Swann Health & Medicine Engineering Health Care
Maria Mayorga
Sara Shashaani
Ola Harrysson
Leila Hajibabai
Xiaolei Fang
Karen Chen