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College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Experts  Subjects
Ted E. Bilderback Horticultural Science
Blake Brown Agricultural Economics
Wayne Buhler Pest Management/Pesticides
JoAnn M. Burkholder Botany
Bill Cline Crops Diseases
W. Gregory Cope Toxicology
Nancy Creamer Crop Science Horticultural Science Organic Farming
W.James Croom Jr. Poultry Science
David A. Danehower Crop Science Pest Management/Pesticides
Margaret E. Daub Diseases Genetics
Jeanine M Davis Organic Farming Vegetable Crops
Ralph Dean Crops Diseases Genetics
Jim Dunphy Crops
Lee-Ann Jaykus pathogenic microorganisms
Charlotte E. Farin Animal Science Genetics
Gina Fernandez Crops
Major M. Goodman Crop Science Genetics
Fred Gould Genetics Insects
David Patrick Green Fisheries Food Science
Fred P. Hain Forest Ecosystems Pest Management/Pesticides
Hosni M. Hassan Food Science Biochemistry Microbiology Toxicology
Joseph E. Hightower Fisheries Zoology
L. Eric Hinesley Christmas trees Forest Products
J. Paul Murphy Crop Science
Jonathan R. Schultheis Vegetable Crops
M. Todd See Animal Science
Greg Hoyt Crops Tobacco Vegetable Crops
George G. Kennedy Pest Management/Pesticides
David Lindbo Soil Science
E. Stuart Maxwell Biochemistry
Eric Miller Microbiology
Michael L. Parker Crops
Gary A. Payne Crop Science
Charles H. Peacock Lawns/Turfgrass
Robert M. Petters Animal Science
E. Barclay Poling Crops
Thomas G. Ranney Horticultural Science
Mitch Renkow Agricultural Economics Economic Development Taxes
James A. Rice Fisheries Zoology
Jean Ristaino Crop Science
R. Michael Roe Pest Management/Pesticides
David R. Tarpy Insects
Coby Schal Insects Pest Management/Pesticides
Jason C.H. Shih Poultry Science
W. David Smith Crop Science
Jerry W. Spears Animal Science
Julia F. Storm Toxicology
Craig V. Sullivan Aquaculture Fisheries Zoology
Turner B. Sutton Crops Diseases Pest Management/Pesticides
William F. Thompson Biotechnology Genetics Botany
Mary Tompkins Diseases Immune Deficiency Viruses
Wayne Tompkins Diseases Immune Deficiency Viruses
Guido van der Hoeven Agricultural Economics
Mike Vepraskas Soil Science Wetlands
Tomislav Vukina Agricultural Economics
Michael L. Walden Economics Agricultural Economics
Michael G. Waldvogel Insects Pest Management/Pesticides
Steven P. Washburn Animal Science
Thomas R. Wentworth Botany Wildlife Ecosystems
Dennis Werner Horticultural Science
Brian Whipker Horticultural Science
Lon W. Whitlow Animal Science
Craig Yencho Biotechnology Sweet Potatoes
Kelly Zering Agricultural Economics
Frank J. Louws Plants
Jose M. Alonso Plant Genetics
David McK. Bird Genetics Plants
Ben Chapman Food Science Food Safety Food Processing
Suzie Goodell Obesity
Richard A. McLaughlin Water Resources Soil Science
Jeff Buckel Fisheries
Jeffrey Dorfman Agricultural Economics Economic Development Food