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Poole College of Management

Experts  Subjects
Steven G. Allen Economics Labor Economics Macroeconomics Labor/Labor Unions
Mark S. Beasley Accounting Auditing Risk Management
Robert Clark Economics Finance
Robert B. Handfield Accounting Supply Chain/Operations Management
Stephen E. Margolis Economics Markets and Public Policy
Michael B. McElroy Macroeconomics
Fay Cobb Payton Technology Management Computers Information technology Health Care Data management User experience STEM education Social Media Inclusion/diversity Tech workforce Tech bias Broadening participation STEM and arts
Douglas K. Pearce Economics Monetary Issues and Policy Public Policy
Roby B. Sawyers Accounting Taxes
Eileen Taylor Accounting Auditing Finance Ethics Fraud Information technology
Jon Bohlmann Marketing Product Development Strategic Marketing Innovation
Frank Buckless Accounting Finance
Richard Warr Finance Financial Markets Stock Market
Paul Mulvey Human Resources
Joe Brazel Accounting Auditing Finance Forensic Accounting Fraud
Andrew Schmidt Accounting Finance Taxes
Bonnie Hancock Finance
Christina Lewellen Accounting Taxes
Ericka Kranitz Auditing Risk Management
James Scalise Finance Supply Chain/Operations Management Information technology Risk Management Analytics
Jennie Dirienzo Accounting Taxes
Marianne Bradford Accounting
Nathan C. Goldman Accounting Taxes
Robert Whited Accounting Auditing Finance Financial Markets
Scott Showalter Accounting Auditing
Thomas Dow Accounting Finance Analytics
Bill Rand Marketing Computer Modeling Modeling Social Media Machine Learning
Don Warsing Supply Chain/Operations Management Manufacturing
Eda Kemahlioglu-Ziya Supply Chain/Operations Management Sustainable Business
Heather Dretsch Marketing Advertising Branding
Jeffrey Stonebraker Supply Chain/Operations Management Epidemiology
Julie Earp Privacy Cybersecurity Security Information technology
Melissa Hart Finance
Patrice Nealon Marketing Social Media Analytics
Rakesh Ravi Data management Analytics Machine Learning
Rishika Rishika Marketing Food Social Media Analytics
Sarah Khan Technology Management Business Information technology Data management Analytics
Sebastian Heese Supply Chain/Operations Management
Sherry Fowler Information technology Data management Social Media Analytics
Srini Krishnamurthy Finance Stock Market
Stacy Wood Marketing Technology Health Communication Health Care Innovation
Steven DelGrosso
Tim Kraft Supply Chain/Operations Management Sustainability
Tom Byrnes Marketing Branding
Brad Kirkman Organizational Communication Leadership
Ira Weiss
Jeffrey Pollack Entrepreneurship
Jessica Yinka Thomas Sustainability Sustainable Business Innovation B Corps
John Kuzenski Business Political Science
Jon Carr Entrepreneurship Business Innovation
Leigh Shamblin Marketing Artificial Intelligence Leadership Ethics Innovation
Lewis Sheats Entrepreneurship
Missy Makanui Leadership
Patrick Flynn Human Resources
Steve Barr Entrepreneurship Technology Management Innovation
Allison Lowe Reed Economics Public Policy Microeconomics
Bobby Puryear Human Resources Labor Economics
Mehmet Caner Economics Finance Data management Machine Learning
Paul Cwik Economics Economic History Monetary Issues and Policy Business
Umut Dur Economics
Tayah Butler Business Inclusion/diversity
Brian Newton Human Resources
Jenny R. Hammond Marketing Higher Education Communication